How we help

Providing good quality essentials to all in need

Storehouse freely provides food, clothes and toiletry packs to families and individuals throughout Belfast who are experiencing extreme financial difficulty. 

We also assist those moving from homelessness or hostel accommodation into their own home for the first time, by providing furniture & basic household goods.

We partner with over 200 different agencies, charities and statutory bodies, covering every demographic of poverty including:

  1. Homelessness
  2. Drug & alcohol addictions
  3. Family breakdown & separation
  4. Seeking asylum/refugee status
  5. Benefit issues & debt
  6. Ex–offenders

Our partnering bodies are working daily with those that we serve, helping to set up and implement plans to bring them out of the difficult situations that they have found themselves in.

They may then look to refer that individual to Storehouse for short term emergency aid, in order to give the plans that they are implementing, the best possible chance of success. We ask that the referring partner provide their service user with a letter, and invite them down to the Storehouse Centre during opening hours where we will be able to help.