Vision & Values

Storehouse exists to develop communities that recognise
the significance in everyone

At Storehouse, the practicalities of what we do may evolve as we respond to the needs that we see changing in Belfast, but the heart and values behind what we do will always remain the same.

In all that we do, we aim to restore dignity, recognise significance and restore hope in the lives of everyone we encounter.



The individual (service user, volunteer, staff member, partner or guest) is always more important than the task at hand and deserves our focus, attention and best possible care.


Every person is of unique worth and potential. No one is simply a need to be met or a skill to be used. We each carry something of intrinsic value and when we learn to live from that true identity the community as a whole is enriched.


No circumstance is beyond change; no situation is final and everyone has the potential to live an abundant life. How we treat each other and the words we say have the potential to release a preferred future.